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20061207 Letter

To: Cornell Community Date: December 7, 2006

Dear Cornellian,

I want to share some additional thoughts about the review of the Campus Code of Conduct, and hopefully dispel any further doubts about the course that lies ahead.

I am pleased to learn that the University Assembly (UA) has appointed the Codes and Judicial Committee (CJC) to take the lead in soliciting input from the community - through regular meetings, forums, emails and a blog ( - and distilling that feedback into recommendations for consideration by the University Assembly. Because of its expertise, the CJC is the right body to lead this important campus-wide review and as a result I have concluded that there is no need for a separate working group. I look forward to the results of the work of the Codes and Judicial Committee.

Once it has completed its process, the University Assembly will forward its report to my office. With the help of my staff, I will review the assembly’s work and set forth my views and recommendations for final consideration by the Board of Trustees. I will share my proposal with the entire community before its submission to the board.

Even though I realize that the proposed schedule is an ambitious one, I remain hopeful that we can finish our work in time for consideration by the Board of Trustees in May 2007. This would clear the way for the implementation of any changes, at the start of the next academic year. If the University Assembly finds, however, that the CJC cannot reasonably fulfill its responsibility in the time allotted, I will consider an extension. Because there is a functioning code of conduct in place, we should take our time if that proves necessary.

The April 2006 report, which calls for a significant departure from the status quo, deserves our individual scrutiny and collective consideration. It challenges us to weigh a number of complicated issues, ranging from questions of jurisdiction and procedure to the sufficiency of evidence and the right to remain silent. I hope that each one of us will spend some time over the next few weeks reading the report and return to campus, in the New Year, ready for discussion (

As the semester draws to a close, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and a pleasant break. My first term at Cornell has been stimulating and gratifying. While Robin and I have enjoyed meeting so many of you in these first six months, we look forward to getting to know the entire community in the months and years ahead. We are proud to call Cornell and Ithaca our home.

Best regards,

David Skorton


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