Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Operations and Staffing Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesGraduate/Professional Student, Student
Accepting Applications? No
Committee List
Committee Description

The Operations and Staffing Committee of the GPSA is composed entirely of the current standing committee chairs and GPSA University Assembly representatives. The role of this committee is to review and vote on applications for the numerous internal and external committee positions that the GPSA is charged with staffing. The Operations and Staffing Committee is additionally charged with reviewing the GPSA's charter and bylaws each year and suggesting changes as needed.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role
Andy Barrientos-Gomez alb445 Voting Member - President, GPSA
Martik Chatterjee mc2548 Voting Member - Chair, GPSA Student Advocacy Committee
Alexa Cohn arc326 Voting Member - Executive Vice President
Cody Duell cjd259 Voting Member - Chair, Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring Award Committee Chair
A. P. D. G. Everett ae434 Voting Member - Interim Chair, GPSA Appropriations Committee
Arielle Johnson arj66 Voting Member - Chair, Finance Commission
Kasey Laurent kml287 Voting Member - Chair, Graduate and Professional Student Programming Board
Alex Loiben aml372 Ex-Officio Member - Counsel, GPSA
Vacant Position Vacant Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations
Yu-Yu Shih ys962 Voting Member - Chair, Diversity & International Students Committee
Taylor Tejeda tnt52 Voting Member - Chair, GPSA Communications Committee

Committee Meetings