Student Assembly City and Local Affairs Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesFaculty, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff, Student, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

Advocates on behalf of student interest at the city and county government levels; organizes events that foster a sense of engagement in the Ithaca community for Cornell students.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role Term
Jenniviv Bansah jyb22 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice President, SA AY 2021-2022
Annette Gleiberman avg39 Assembly Manager - Vice President for External Affairs, SA AY 2021-2022
Claudia Leon cil8 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, SA AY 2021-2022
Joseph Mullen jmm788 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President of Internal Operations, SA AY 2021-2022
Anuli Ononye aoo44 Ex-Officio Member - President, SA AY 2021-2022
Vacant Position Vacant Chair - Chair AY 2021-2022
Vacant Position Vacant Ex-Officio Member - Vice President for Finance, SA AY 2021-2022

Committee Meetings