Student Assembly Communications Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesStudent, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

The Student Assembly Communications Committee links the assembly with its constituencies by conducting polls, referenda, forums, and hearings. It also publicizes the business and activities of the assembly.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Name Last Name NetID Membership Type - Rolesort descending Term
Annette Gleiberman avg39 Chair - Chair and Vice President of External Affairs, SA AY 2021-2022
Jenniviv Bansah jyb22 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice President, SA AY 2021-2022
Anuli Ononye aoo44 Ex-Officio Member - President, SA AY 2021-2022
Claudia Leon cil8 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, SA AY 2021-2022
Morgan Baker mhb228 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President for Finance, SA AY 2021-2022
Joseph Mullen jmm788 Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA AY 2021-2022

Committee Meetings