Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund Commission

Eligible ConstituenciesStudent, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? Yes
Committee List
Committee Description

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Namesort descending Last Name NetID Membership Type - Role Term
Amari Lampert ajl398 Chair - Co-Chair AY 2021-2022
Annette Gleiberman avg39 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President of External Affairs, SA AY 2021-2022
Claire Tempelman cpt43 Voting Member - Member AY 2021-2022
Everest Yan ewy4 Voting Member - Student Assembly Representative AY 2021-2022
Gina Giambattista ggc9 Ex-Officio Member - Director, Office of the Assemblies AY 2021-2022
John Clancy jac646 Voting Member - Member AY 2021-2022
JohnJohn Jiang zj237 Chair - Co-Chair AY 2021-2022
Joseph Mullen jmm788 Assembly Manager - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA AY 2021-2022
Kianna Guo yg538 Voting Member - Member AY 2021-2022
Lucas Smith ls678 Chair - Chair AY 2021-2022
Morgan Baker mhb228 Ex-Officio Member - Vice President for Finance, SA AY 2021-2022
Nianhui Yang ny74 Voting Member - Member AY 2021-2022

Committee Meetings