Family Services - GPCI Input

Currently, the family services section focuses on support for: (i) students with families in terms of access to resources, community building and childcare options, and (ii) spouses of students in terms of community building with other spouses and access to career opportunities. While much progress has been made, we think that more attention needs to be put into resources and support on the academic side.

 Draft GPCI:Students with Families

Provide input regarding family services by emailing the Area Chair for Family Services, Ekarina Winarto or join the conversation online.


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More concrete action needed to create student partner networks

Submitted by Patricia Grace MacQueen on Tue, 2019-04-30 13:18

First - in action c of Objective 4, should "Extend campus services and resources offered to include student PARENTS when possible" read "PARTNERS" instead? Objective 4 talks specifically about the need to focus on student partners when there are no children in the family, so it seems odd that this last action item is suddenly referring only to grad student families with children.

Second - Action item a,II, "Encourage and actively support the building of student partner networks" seriously needs to turn into something more substantial than a monthly happy hour that is barely advertised and has regularly had 0 attendees or follow-up from the administration. This action item needs dedicated staff support, and needs to not just rest on the shoulders of one or two dedicated individuals from the population whom this measure is supposed to support, who are already stressed and socially isolated. I would strongly suggest either merging these efforts with the much more successful "Joint Ventures" program through the business school, or else seriously studying and copying what is working in the Joint Ventures program.