Resolution: UA R2: Calling on Cornell University to Appropriately Recognize and Honor Veterans Day

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Dear Brandon,
Thank you for forwarding the resolution, University Assembly R2: Calling on Cornell University to Appropriately Recognize and Honor Veterans Day, which passed at the November 2nd UA meeting. Although Cornell University will continue to hold classes on Veterans Day, and November 11 will remain a regular workday for staff, the campus will recognize and honor our faculty, staff, and student veterans on November 11 in several ways.
I know that many faculty, staff, and students are involved in planning the day’s events and I appreciate and support their efforts. Cornell is hosting a Specialty Concert for the Cornell Veterans Colleague Network Group (CVCNG) starting at 9:15 am. At 11:11 am that day we will have a 21-bell salute honoring our veterans. At 6:00 pm there will be a second Specialty Concert, for the Cornell University Student Veteran Ambassadors. The CVCNG is sponsoring a walking tour of our veteran memorials, and a talk by Brigadier General Joseph Biehler. At sunset, there will be a “Greenlight-A-Vet" illumination of the clockfaces on campus.
As you may know, on Veterans Day 2020, the Cornell Military Network was launched to promote and organize military-affiliated Cornell alumni across cohorts. Groups such as the Cornell Military Network and CVCNG also plan special events recognizing and supporting veterans throughout the year.
Martha E. Pollack
Martha E. Pollack
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