Resolution: UA R8: Examining Cornell University's Existing Waste Management Practices

ActionAcknowledged by the President
In order to ensure Cornell University remains a clean, safe, environmentally sustainable, and ecologically compatible educational and living community, investments must be made to investigate existing waste management practices as a means of identifying existing short-comings and opportunities to incorporate technology, engineering, and innovation. 
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Dear Brandon,
Thank you for conveying to me University Assembly Resolution 8, “Examining Cornell University’s Existing Waste Management Practices,” for my consideration.
While advancements in technology can play a role in the creation of a more sustainable campus and community, we must favor solutions that address the root cause of unsustainable behavior. I support the creation of a working group on this topic, under the auspices of the Sustainable Cornell Council (SCC), in partnership with the Assemblies and drawing on the list of campus partners indicated in your resolution. As part of its charge to advance campus engagement around climate change and sustainability, the SCC includes a UA member on each of its three committees.
I will ask that this group focus on systemic, root-cause analysis that would include a baseline set of metrics for waste, recycling, and materials reuse on campus. 
Thank you again for submitting this resolution for my consideration.
Martha E. Pollack
President, Cornell University
300 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853