Resolution 5: EA R5: In Recognition and Appreciation of Mary Opperman

TermAY 2021-2022
AssemblyEmployee Assembly
StatusAdopted by the Assembly
AbstractOn the occasion of the departure of Mary Opperman, vice president and chief human resources officer, the Employee Assembly celebrates her long and distinguished career, her contributions to the University, her longstanding partnership with Employee Assembly and her advocacy for Cornell University staff.
Resolution FilePDF icon ear5_-_in_recognition_and_appreciation_of_mary_opperman.pdf
Supporting Documents
TitleEA R5: In Recognition and Appreciation of Mary Opperman
Sponsors Hei Hei Depew (hhc48), Derrick Michael Barrett (dmb475), Kate Supron (kds95), Ellen T Miller (etm54), Kristine Mahoney (km285), Brandon Fortenberry (bf52)
Reviewing CommitteeEmployee Assembly Executive Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
05/04/2022 Adopted by the Assembly view
05/05/2022 Conveyed to the President view
05/09/2022 Acknowledged by the President view

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