Upcoming (2020–2022) Funding Cycle


  • The fee-setting process for the 2020-2022 Student Activity Fees begin in early April with the publishing of this information and the PDF applications below.
  • New organizations may begin collecting petition signatures at this time.
  • Preliminary applications and full applications are reviewed by the Student Assembly Appropriations Committee.
  • All organizations applying to be part of the 2020-2022 Byline funding cycle will be required to attend an “Introduction to By-Line Funding” sessions. Dates will be posted here when determined.
  • Hearings to present the full applications are scheduled with the organization leadership and staff advisor. 
  • Following the hearing, the Appropriations Committee deliberates and votes on a recommended funding allocation, which is then reported to the Student Assembly.
  • The Student Assembly may not vote on a recommendation until a meeting following the presentation by the Appropriations Committee Chair.
  • At the meeting when a vote will take place the following options are available for determining funding: 
    • with a majority vote, the Student Assembly may accept the recommendation,
    • with a two-thirds vote, the Student Assembly may accept the recommendation, modify the recommendation, or overturn the recommendation of the Appropriations Committee. 

Final applications - Due September 13th, 2019 @ 12:00 pm (noon) in 109 Day Hall

Petition Form for New Organizations - Due April 25th, 2019 @ 12:00pm (noon) in 109 Day Hall

APPLICATIONS for Returning & New Organizations - Download as PDF forms, fill in and return to 109 Day Hall, or scan and send to: assembly@cornell.edu