Student Assembly Executive Committee

First Name Last Name NetID Uid Membership Type - Role
Indigo Pavlov iap29 13400 Voting Member - Vice President of External Affairs, SA
Catherine Huang cgh66 13396 Chair - Executive Vice President, SA
Valentina Xu jx63 13352 Voting Member - Vice President for Internal Operations, SA
Colin Benedict crb272 13271 Voting Member - Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, SA
John Hannan jmh535 12977 Assembly Manager - Clerk of the Assembly
Ian Wallace iaw26 12652 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Archivist
Moriah Adeghe ma838 12588 Voting Member - Vice President of Finance, SA
Lydia Zheng lz337 12403 Ex-Officio Member - Director of Elections
Deborah Nyakaru dkn22 11801 Ex-Officio Member - Parliamentarian
Gina Giambattista ggc9 11155 Assembly Manager - Director, Office of the Assemblies
Joseph Anderson jsa94 10628 Voting Member - President, SA