The University Assembly examines matters which involve the interests of, or concerns the welfare of, a substantial segment of the University community, and makes recommendations to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University.  

With faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate or professional students appointed or elected by each of the shared governance bodies, the UA takes up issues of common interest to all members of the Cornell community. It has responsibility over the Campus Code of Conduct, is a stakeholder in major university policy initiatives, and works to establish and maintain open, effective, and efficient channels of communication between and amongst the community and university administration. The University Assembly must approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University to the following offices: the Judicial Administrator, the University Ombudsman, and the Judicial Codes Counselor.

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05/09/2018 4:30pm
163 Day Hall

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09/04/2018 4:30pm
401 Physical Sciences Bldg.

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Actions on the floor

UA R24: Finalizing Housekeeping Amendments to the Campus Code of Conduct

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UA R23: Recognition of Outstanding Support for the Campus Judicial System During the AY 2018 Legislative Session

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UA R22: Bylaws Change Institutionalizing the Staffing Procedure for the University Hearing and Review Boards

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UA R21: Updating the Judicial Administrator Reappointment Process

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UA R20: Recognition of Outstanding Support to AY 2018 University Assembly

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UA R19: Affirming Cornell’s Commitment to Ethical Investments and Financial Transparency

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University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee

The Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly reviews any proposed motions related to the Campus Code of Conduct, and assists in staffing the University Hearing and Review Boards. The public is welcome to attend meetings in person or remotely via Zoom meeting access

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University Assembly Campus Infrastructure Committee

Reviews and approves proposed motions related to: environmental impact and sustainability; information technology; transportation and commuter policies; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus infrastructure by the University Assembly Executive Board.

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