The Student Assembly is charged with examining matters of interest to the undergraduate student community, and making proposals to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University.

The SA represents the undergraduate student population with an elected body of thirty members, and deals with quality of life issues relating to undergraduate students, making sure that student issues are heard and addressed. The assembly has legislative authority over the policies of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Campus Life, and establishes the undergraduate Student Activity Fee and guidelines for its distribution. Meetings are open to the public. Attend in person or join via Zoom.  

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  • Anuli Oge Ononye

     Anuli Oge Ononye
    Anuli Oge Ononye President, Student Assembly

    Anuli Ononye is a senior studying Feminist Gender Sexuality Studies, Government, and College Scholar Research with a minor in Creative Writing. She previously served as the Undergraduate Student Advocate and is an opinion columnist in the Cornell Daily Sun. You can almost always find Anuli around campus with an iced vanilla latte.

  • Jenniviv Y Bansah

     Jenniviv Y Bansah
    Jenniviv Y Bansah Executive Vice President, Student Assembly

    Jenniviv is a hotelie with a minor in information science. Along with her position on SA, she is a student assistant to the Dean of the Hotel School. Outside of academic, Jenniviv enjoys playing tennis, car rides, music, and any adrenaline activity.

  • Joseph Michael Rex Mullen

     Joseph Michael Rex Mullen
    Joseph Michael Rex Mullen Vice President of Internal Operations, Student Assembly (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)

    I'm Joseph, and I'm excited to be serving as your Vice President for Internal Operations on the SA this year, and ready to work for the benefit and power of all of us at Cornell. I'm a sophomore in Arts and Sciences studying Africana Studies and Government, I was born in Qatar, I'm a dual South African citizen, and I grew up in Florida. In my free time, I'm reading, watching a documentary, playing basketball, scuba diving, and more, but I'm always free to meet peers and hear the great ideas we all have for improving our campus together.

  • Claudia Irene Leon

     Claudia Irene Leon
    Claudia Irene Leon Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Assembly (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)

    Claudia is a junior studying American Studies and Government with a minor in Latinx Studies. She is conducting original research on the independence movements throughout history in Puerto Rico, where she is from, which will hopefully be turned into a senior thesis. In her free time (and if the Ithaca weather allows it), Claudia likes to drink Gimme! Coffee and hang out at the Cornell Botanic Gardens.

  • Annette Vail Gleiberman

     Annette Vail Gleiberman
    Annette Vail Gleiberman Vice President of External Relations, Student Assembly

    +1 (717) 368-8560

    College of Engineering Representative

  • Valeria Nicole Valencia

     Valeria Nicole Valencia
    Valeria Nicole Valencia Vice President of Finance, Student Assembly (First Generation Student Representative At-Large)

  • Patrick Joseph Mehler

     Patrick Joseph Mehler
    Patrick Joseph Mehler Director of Elections, Student Assembly

    Patrick is a junior in the ILR School concentrating in alternative dispute resolution with minors in Leadership and Law & Society. Originally from Yonkers, NY, Patrick can be found everywhere throughout campus between Cornell Votes, the Scheinman Institute, the bowling alley, and more. In his free time, Patrick is still unfulfilling his new year's resolution of reading a book a month, but happy to have the gorge trails open again for walking.

  • Carson David Taylor

     Carson David Taylor
    Carson David Taylor Parliamentarian, Student Assembly

    Carson is a junior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations from Huntington Beach, California. At Cornell, he competes with the Speech and Debate Society, trains with EARS, and works with the Advocacy Project. In his free time, he enjoys bodysurfing, listening to stand-up comedy, and playing tennis.

  • Noah Watson

     Noah Watson
    Noah Watson Executive Archivist, Student Assembly

    Noah is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Information Science. He previously served as the Executive Vice President of the Student Assembly and is a research fellow in the Cornell Tech Policy Lab as well as a scholar in the Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity.

  • Delilah Hernandez

     Delilah Hernandez
    Delilah Hernandez Student Advocate, Office of the Student Advocate, Student Assembly


    Hello! I am a junior majoring in Development Sociology. I currently serve as the Student Advocate on the assembly and an RA in South Campus. I look forward to including transfer and first-generation/low-income needs in our assembly agenda as we are dedicated to supporting every student at Cornell.

  • Ethan Rubin

     Ethan Rubin
    Ethan Rubin Director, Office of Student Government Relations, Student Assembly

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05/05/2022 4:45pm
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Office of Ethics

The Office of Ethics shall pursue any necessary ethics concerns of Student Assembly members and any directly elected undergraduate representative to the University Assembly. This committee shall evaluate all requests submitted by community members that are against any Student Assembly members, Student Assembly committees, or directly elected undergraduate representatives to the University Assembly.

The Office of Ethics can be reached via email at

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Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund Commission

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

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Student Assembly Diversity Committee

Collects ideas, issues and concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion; works on implementable related policies. Implements United Student Body and subsequently reviews it during the process of implementation.

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