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University Assembly

Resolution Status Abstract Last Updated Term
11 Resolution 11: UA R11: Accepting President’s Proposal of a One-Year Term Extension for the Judicial Administrator Accepting Comments This resolution accepts the President's proposal to extend the term of the current Judicial Administrator by one year, during which a new re-appointment process will be developed. 02/21/2018 4:54am University Assembly AY 2017-2018
7 Resolution 7: UA R7: Charter Change Supporting the Office of the Complainant’s Advisor Draft Changing the University Assembly Charter to include the provision that the Assembly approve each appointment or reappointment by the President of the University for the Complainant Advisor position. 12/05/2017 2:11pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
6 Resolution 6: UA R6: Integrating Sustainable Investments into Endowment Reports Submitted to the President Specific actions requested of President Pollack and the Board of Trustees to integrate sustainable investments into endowment reports. 01/23/2018 12:35pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
5 Resolution 5: UA R5: Bylaws Change Clarifying the Charge of the Codes & Judicial Committee In Discussion Requests the University Assembly as a Policy 4.1 stakeholder in Policy 6.4 (or its successor); the Assembly’s approval of the Guidelines for the Display of Religious Symbols contained within the University’s Fire Safety Guidelines for Holiday Displays; and written behavioral policies regarding non-matriculated minors who are outside the full Campus Code of Conduct. 11/17/2017 3:28pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
4 Resolution 4: UA R4: Addressing Housekeeping Changes and Laying the Groundwork for a Holistic Evaluation of the Campus Code of Conduct Returned by President Addressing Housekeeping Changes and Laying the Groundwork for a Holistic Evaluation of the Campus Code of Conduct 12/07/2017 2:42pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
3 Resolution 3: UA R3: Calling for the Development of a Strategic Plan Submitted to the President University Assembly formally requests that the president and provost of Cornell University initiate a strategic planning process to begin in fall 2018 and be completed by spring of 2019. 01/29/2018 12:28pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
2 Resolution 2: UA R2: Condemning Hate Crimes Committee Review This resolution condemns violent, racist actions and calls on all members of the Cornell community to join us in this condemnation. 11/17/2017 3:27pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018
1 Resolution 1: UA R1: Appointment of University Hearing Board and University Review Board Members for Academic Year 2017-2018 Adopted This resolution appoints members to the University Hearing Board & University Review Board (UHRB) for a two-year term. 12/05/2017 3:49pm University Assembly AY 2017-2018