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Assembly Name: University Assembly

Res. No. Resolution Status Abstract Last Updated Assembly Name Term
5 Support of the Divestment from Fossil Fuels Acknowledged by the President Given the global climate emergency and our desire for Cornell to remain a leader in promoting a sustainable future, we request that Cornell divest from all investments in coal, oil, and natural gas in an orderly fashion. 03/05/2020 10:00am University Assembly AY 2019-2020
4 Support of the development and implementation of a Cornell Campus Circulator System In Discussion For the past eleven years, a Cornell Campus Circulator System of transportation has been under discussion as a way to improve access to many university functions and to address the continual challenges related to transportation and parking that Cornellians face every day. We propose that this project become a priority for Cornell and be realized within the period of the next five years. 12/03/2019 4:30pm University Assembly AY 2019-2020
3 The Codes and Judicial Committee Reaffirms its Jurisdiction Over the Cornell Campus Code of Conduct Waiting for Submission to the President Reaffirmation of the University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee jurisdiction over the Cornell Campus Code of Conduct. 10/01/2019 4:30pm University Assembly AY 2019-2020
2 Unauthorized Online Publication of Campus Code of Conduct Working Drafts Tabled Indefinitely Resolution to ensure that any and all drafts of the Campus Code of Conduct and other related documents under the purview of the University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee will be posted for public review and comment only after formal approval by the Codes and Judicial Committee. 01/23/2020 3:45pm University Assembly AY 2019-2020
1 Recognition of the Office of the University Ombudsman 50th Anniversary Acknowledged by the President Recognition of the 50th anniversary of the establishment and operation of the Cornell University Office of the Ombudsman. 11/05/2019 7:45am University Assembly AY 2019-2020