Employee Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Employee Assembly 19786 Yes
Communications Committee

Promotes higher visibility for employees as community members, provide a sense of a unified employee body, and helps to create heightened sense of community among all members of the Cornell community.

19794 Yes
Education Committee

The Employee Education Committee supports employee development, goals, and opportunities.

19792 Yes
Elections Committee

The Employee Assembly Elections Committee oversees elections conducted to fill regular vacancies that occur in the assembly each year.

19795 Yes
Employee Welfare Committee

Reviews and recommends proposals and initiatives related to employee health and wellness, work/life, dependent care and family support, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, transportation, compensation and any other topic deemed relevant to employee welfare.

36031 Yes
Executive Committee 19790 No
Internal Operations Committee

The Employee Assembly Internal Operations Committee facilitates the nomination and selection of employee members to both elective and appointive positions administered by the EA.

19796 No
Personnel Policy Committee

The Personnel Policy Committee of the EA examines, reviews and comments upon personnel policies of the University.

19793 Yes
Staff Recognition, Awards & Events Committee

Administers all aspects of the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service, the Opperman Award, and investigates other staff award and recognition opportunities to present for consideration to the EA.

19791 Yes
Transportation Task Force

An ad-hoc committee established to review employee concerns related to parking regulations, parking tier structures, and the availability of public transportation and parking infrastructure with the expectation of developing recommendations for review by the full Assembly.

19848 Yes
University Benefits Committee

A joint committee of the Employee Assembly and the Faculty Senate that deals with the entire range of benefits and with both endowed and statutory Benefits.

19853 Yes

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Graduate and Professional Student Assembly 19788 Yes
Appropriations Committee

The Appropriations Committee manages GPSA funds and recommends the Graduate and Professional Student Activity Fee to the GPSA. This committee also reviews the policies and procedures for setting and allocating the Activity Fee and recommends to the GPSA the funding guidelines of the GPSA Finance

19806 Yes
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee maintains the accessible flow of information from the GPSA to the graduate and professional student body and the Cornell community.

19804 Yes
Diversity and International Students Committee

Connects and advocates specifically for international graduate students and graduate students from diverse backgrounds.

19827 Yes
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Executive Vice-President, and Vice President for Operations, who manage the day-to-day operations of the GPSA. They meet regularly with the Graduate School deans, university administrators, and executives of other assemblies. The President is the chair of the Executive Committee.

19801 No
Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award Committee

The primary purpose of the Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award Committee is to solicit nominations for and administer one or more annual Awards to recognize faculty who exhibit excellence in the teaching, advising, and mentorship of graduate and professional students.

19802 Yes
Finance Commission

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) is the funding arm of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA). The GPSAFC is responsible for funding over 200 registered graduate and professional student organizations on the Cornell campus.

19807 Yes
GPCI Ad Hoc Committee

The Graduate and Professional Community Initiative is a needs assessment
and strategic planning document for the Graduate and Professional
community. This ad hoc committee will review the current GPCI and plan for the upcoming re-do of the GPCI.

19846 Yes
Operations and Staffing Committee

The Operations and Staffing Committee of the GPSA is composed entirely of the current standing committee chairs and GPSA University Assembly representatives. The role of this committee is to review and vote on applications for the numerous internal and external committee positions that the GPSA is charged with staffing. The Operations and Staffing Committee is additionally charged with reviewing the GPSA's charter and bylaws each year and suggesting changes as needed.

19803 No
Programming Board

The Events Committee organizes events for the entire graduate and professional student community. Although the committee’s primary purpose is to put together the annual Grad Ball, the committee is also dedicated to planning a large number of smaller events throughout the year. Events include monthly Grad’s Night Out, mixers, coffee hours, fundraising events, and events for graduate and professional students with families.

19805 Yes
Student Advocacy Committee

The GPSA Student Advocacy Committee works to act on issues of finances, stipend levels, mental and physical health, child care and the general well being of all graduate and professional students. The Student Advocacy Committee works in consultation with other relevant student and Cornell assembly committees and interested parties.

19808 Yes
Student Legal Services 19850 Yes
Graduate School Academic Integrity Committee

The Graduate School Academic Integrity Hearing Board reviews and rules on alleged violations of academic integrity standards by graduate and professional students.

19852 Yes

Student Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Student Assembly 19789 No
Academic Policy Committee

Researches, reviews, recommends, and develops projects to improve academic life for the student body; works closely with the Dean of Students and the Faculty Senate to ensure that students’ concerns related to academic policy are voiced effectively to university officials.

19819 Yes
Appropriations Committee

The Student Assembly Appropriations Committee reviews requests from the Student Assembly budget, recommends policies and guidelines for the undergraduate student activity fee, and oversees the Student Assembly Finance Commission.

19812 No
City and Local Affairs Committee

Advocates on behalf of student interest at the city and county government levels; organizes events that foster a sense of engagement in the Ithaca community for Cornell students.

19823 Yes
Committee on Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

This committee transitioned into a new committee and is no longer known by this name or active. It is listed here for historical reference.

19809 No
Communications Committee

The Student Assembly Communications Committee links the assembly with its constituencies by conducting polls, referenda, forums, and hearings. It also publicizes the business and activities of the assembly.

19811 Yes
Community Life Committee

This committee is no longer active. It is listed here for the purpose of historical reference.

19816 No
Dining Services Committee

Reviews the policies and initiatives of Dining Services, with a focus on sustainability, nutrition, and student experience. Coordinates with student-led food system efforts across campus to make recommendations to Dining Services and the Assembly regarding changes to existing policies or the formulation of new policies.

19817 Yes
Diversity Affairs Coalition

This coalition served its purpose and has since disbanded. It is listed here for historical reference.

19813 No
Diversity Committee

Collects ideas, issues and concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion; works on implementable related policies. Implements United Student Body and subsequently reviews it during the process of implementation.

19825 Yes
Elections Committee

The elections committee is responsible for coordinating, publicizing, and overseeing undergraduate student elections for positions in the Student Assembly as well as four of six undergraduate positions in the University Assembly.

19810 No
Environmental Committee

Creates new legislation and enforces past environmental legislation; provides environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues.

19822 Yes
Executive Committee

The Student Assembly Executive Committee coordinates the officers of the assembly to ensure the smooth operation.

19784 No
Financial Aid Review Committee

The Student Assembly Financial Aid Review Committee examines financial aid policies and reviews their current status.

19815 Yes
Health and Wellness Committee

The committee develops initiatives and plans events on campus that promote student health, wellness, and safety. 

19820 Yes
Infrastructure Fund Commission

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

19826 Yes
Investigative Committee on Membership Reform

This committee is no longer active and is presently listed for the purpose of historical reference.

19849 No
Policy Research and Planning Ad Hoc Committee

This Ad-Hoc committee is served its purpose and disbanded. It is presently listed for historical reference.

19847 No
Residential Life Committee

This committee dealt with matters of concern in residence halls and the cooperative learning residences; made and reviewed policies that directly affected student life on campus; maintained legislative authority over these areas (i.e. the Department of Campus Life and the Office of the Dean of Students). It has since disbanded and is now listed for the purpose of historical reference.

19824 No
Staffing Committee

The committee shall staff any vacant committee positions the Student Assembly (SA) is empowered to staff during meetings in early fall. The committee shall re-evaluate the committee application outreach plan at the end of every spring term. The committee shall also evaluate SA committees’ end of the year report, and determine if the SA committee and/or their composition need to be changed.

19818 No
Student Activities Funding Commission

For more information about the SAFC, please visit their website:

19814 No
Task Force on Net-Print System Reform

The purpose of the task force is to combine efforts of the Cornell University Student Assembly and Residential Student Congress to tackle issues regarding the Net-Print system at Cornell, with respect to its pricing scheme, accessibility, and environmental sustainability and to work with Cornell IT and the Administration to streamline the process of Net-Print system reform.

37095 No
Technology Committee

Coordinates with Student Assembly representatives to create websites as needed for initiatives that improve campus life and require online platforms; works with CIT when possible to update existing websites for the benefit of the Cornell community.

19821 Yes

University Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - University Assembly 19787 No
Hate Speech Working Group

Details: Hate Speech Working Group of the Codes & Judicial Committee

36859 No
Transportation Hearing and Appeals Board

The Transportation Hearing and Appeals Board (THAB) shall review decisions that have been denied in whole or in part by Transportation and Mail Services administrative staff on matters relating to violation appeals, requests for special parking grants for those claiming financial hardship, and exceptions to parking rules and regulations and/or normal permit eligibility criteria.

19797 No
Campus Infrastructure Committee

Reviews and approves proposed motions related to: environmental impact and sustainability; information technology; transportation and commuter policies; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus infrastructure by the University Assembly Executive Board.

19798 Yes
Campus Planning Committee

The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) promotes comprehensive and clear planning processes in stewardship of Cornell University’s Ithaca campus. The Committee’s charge is to review and make recommendations to the President regarding physical planning for the campus, including master planning; land use and physical development; landscape and environmental planning and design; transportation planning, including circulation and parking; infrastructure; and new construction and renovations as they relate to the overall planning, character, and integrity of the physical plant. Among planning concerns that the CPC shall review and advocate on behalf of are public and open spaces; managed and natural lands; and shared facilities that benefit the overall campus community (identified in the 2008 Cornell Master Plan as ‘university’ or ‘enabling’ projects).  Furthermore, the CPC shall review in consultation with – and with the consultation of – the appropriate committees of the University Assembly, all plans for alterations of or additions to transportation systems on the Ithaca campus and all sustainability matters related to land and campus development. The CPC shall seek advice and comments from non-members, including Cornell and non-Cornell affiliates, while considering any specific issue or design.

The CPC strives to enhance communications, social inclusion, and accountability regarding physical planning and development of the Ithaca campus. The CPC shall consist of: four Presidential appointments, eight position appointments, and nine additional at-large members. The President of the University’s appointees serve three-year terms on a staggered basis. The position appointments or designees should be individuals with professional and technical expertise in a design or planning related field. These positions consist of the chairs of the following departments or their designees: Department of Architecture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Landscape Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, and the Art Department as well as the directors of the following units or their designees: Cornell Plantations, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, and the Vice President for Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning. The nine at-large members consist of one University Assembly liaison, two graduate/professional students, two undergraduate students, two employees, and two faculty members, each named by his or her respective Assembly for a two-year term. CPC meetings are open to people whose administrative positions at the University and their connection to planning at the University motivate their participation.

19851 No
Campus Welfare Committee

The Committee reviews any proposed motions and university policies related to diversity and inclusion; family support; health services; and, any other topic deemed relevant to campus welfare by the University Assembly’s Executive Board.

19799 Yes
Codes and Judicial Committee

The Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly reviews any proposed motions related to the Campus Code of Conduct, and assists in staffing the University Hearing and Review Boards. 

19800 No
Executive Committee 19828 No

Faculty Senate

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
A.D. White Professor-At-Large Selection Committee 19833 No
Academic Programs and Policies Committee 19832 No
Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Status of Faculty 19831 No
Educational Policies Committee 19834 No
Faculty Advisory Committee on Athletics and Physical Education 19835 No
Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments 19836 No
Faculty Committee on Program Review 19837 No
Financial Policies Committee 19838 No
Music Committee 19839 No
Nominations and Elections Committee 19840 No
University Faculty Committee 19841 No
University Faculty Library Board 19842 No
University Lectures Committee 19843 No
University-ROTC Relationships Committee 19844 No

Office of the Assemblies

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Assemblies Leadership

The three most senior leaders of each Assembly, the student and employee elected trustees, the dean and associate dean of faculty, the vice president for university relations, director of the office of the assemblies

19845 No
Support Staff 19785 No
University Hearing and Review Boards

The University Hearing and Review Board is the pool of students, staff, and faculty who serve on the panels that hear and review cases brought by the Office of the Judicial Administrator against members of the Cornell community.

19830 No

Board of Trustees

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Trustee Nominating Committee

The Trustee Nominating Committee oversees elections for student and employee elected trustee positions.

19829 Yes