University Assembly Campus Planning Committee

Eligible ConstituenciesAlumni, Faculty, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff, Student, Undergraduate Student
Accepting Applications? No
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Committee Description

The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) promotes comprehensive and clear planning processes in stewardship of Cornell University’s Ithaca campus. The Committee’s charge is to review and make recommendations to the President regarding physical planning for the campus, including master planning; land use and physical development; landscape and environmental planning and design; transportation planning, including circulation and parking; infrastructure; and new construction and renovations as they relate to the overall planning, character, and integrity of the physical plant. Among planning concerns that the CPC shall review and advocate on behalf of are public and open spaces; managed and natural lands; and shared facilities that benefit the overall campus community (identified in the 2008 Cornell Master Plan as ‘university’ or ‘enabling’ projects).  Furthermore, the CPC shall review in consultation with – and with the consultation of – the appropriate committees of the University Assembly, all plans for alterations of or additions to transportation systems on the Ithaca campus and all sustainability matters related to land and campus development. The CPC shall seek advice and comments from non-members, including Cornell and non-Cornell affiliates, while considering any specific issue or design.

The CPC strives to enhance communications, social inclusion, and accountability regarding physical planning and development of the Ithaca campus. The CPC shall consist of: four Presidential appointments, eight position appointments, and nine additional at-large members. The President of the University’s appointees serve three-year terms on a staggered basis. The position appointments or designees should be individuals with professional and technical expertise in a design or planning related field. These positions consist of the chairs of the following departments or their designees: Department of Architecture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Landscape Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, and the Art Department as well as the directors of the following units or their designees: Cornell Plantations, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, and the Vice President for Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning. The nine at-large members consist of one University Assembly liaison, two graduate/professional students, two undergraduate students, two employees, and two faculty members, each named by his or her respective Assembly for a two-year term. CPC meetings are open to people whose administrative positions at the University and their connection to planning at the University motivate their participation.

Committee Members

Status: Active
First Name Last Namesort descending NetID Membership Type - Role Term
Ian Akisoglu ita24 Voting Member - University Assembly Liaison AY 2021-2022
Timothy Baird ctb97 Voting Member - Department of Landscape Architecture (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Richard Bensel rfb2 Assembly Manager - Vice Chair for Operations, UA AY 2021-2022
Carole Boyce Davies ceb278 Voting Member - Faculty Representative (Senator) AY 2021-2022
Rick Burgess ffb7 Voting Member - Vice President for Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning AY 2021-2022
Jeffrey Chusid jmc286 Voting Member - Department of City and Regional Planning (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Jordan Dotzel jad443 Voting Member - Graduate and Professional Student Representative AY 2021-2022
Christopher Dunn cpd55 Voting Member - Cornell Botanic Gardens (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Jacob Feit jjf228 Ex-Officio Member - Executive Vice Chair, UA AY 2021-2022
Brandon Fortenberry bf52 Ex-Officio Member - Chair, UA AY 2021-2022
Andrea Haenlin-Mott ah45 Voting Member - Employee Representative AY 2021-2022
Kristine Mahoney km285 Voting Member - Employee Representative AY 2021-2022
Caroline O'Donnell cao53 Voting Member - Department of Architecture (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Indigo Pavlov iap29 Voting Member - Undergraduate Student Representative AY 2021-2022
Vacant Position Vacant Voting Member - Graduate and Professional Student Representative AY 2021-2022
Paul Ramirez Jonas par237 Voting Member - Department of Art (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Chelsea Specht cds266 Voting Member - Faculty Representative (Non-Senator) AY 2021-2022
Richard Stedman rcs6 Voting Member - Department of Natural Resources (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Michael Tomlan mat4 Voting Member - Graduate Program in Historic Preservation (Designee) AY 2021-2022
Sasa Zivkovic sz382 Chair - Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture AY 2021-2022

Committee Meetings