Student Assembly

Committee Description Accepting Applications?
Cornell University - Student Assembly 19789 No
Academic Policy Committee

Researches, reviews, recommends, and develops projects to improve academic life for the student body; works closely with the Dean of Students and the Faculty Senate to ensure that students’ concerns related to academic policy are voiced effectively to university officials.

19819 No
Appropriations Committee

The Student Assembly Appropriations Committee reviews requests from the Student Assembly budget, recommends policies and guidelines for the undergraduate student activity fee, and oversees the Student Assembly Finance Commission.

19812 No
City and Local Affairs Committee

Advocates on behalf of student interest at the city and county government levels; organizes events that foster a sense of engagement in the Ithaca community for Cornell students.

19823 No
Communications Committee

The Student Assembly Communications Committee links the assembly with its constituencies by conducting polls, referenda, forums, and hearings. It also publicizes the business and activities of the assembly.

19811 No
Dining Services Committee

Reviews the policies and initiatives of Dining Services, with a focus on sustainability, nutrition, and student experience. Coordinates with student-led food system efforts across campus to make recommendations to Dining Services and the Assembly regarding changes to existing policies or the formulation of new policies.

19817 No
Diversity Committee

Collects ideas, issues and concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion; works on implementable related policies. Implements United Student Body and subsequently reviews it during the process of implementation.

19825 No
Elections Committee

The elections committee is responsible for coordinating, publicizing, and overseeing undergraduate student elections for positions in the Student Assembly as well as four of six undergraduate positions in the University Assembly.

19810 No
Environmental Committee

Creates new legislation and enforces past environmental legislation; provides environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues.

19822 No
Executive Committee

The Student Assembly Executive Committee coordinates the officers of the assembly to ensure the smooth operation.

19784 No
Financial Aid Review Committee

The Student Assembly Financial Aid Review Committee examines financial aid policies and reviews their current status.

19815 No
Health and Wellness Committee

The committee develops initiatives and plans events on campus that promote student health, wellness, and safety. 

19820 No
Infrastructure Fund Commission

The Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund allocates roughly $75,000 every year to student-led infrastructure projects on Cornell's campus.

19826 No
Staffing Committee

The committee shall staff any vacant committee positions the Student Assembly (SA) is empowered to staff during meetings in early fall. The committee shall re-evaluate the committee application outreach plan at the end of every spring term. The committee shall also evaluate SA committees’ end of the year report, and determine if the SA committee and/or their composition need to be changed.

19818 No
Student Activities Funding Commission

For more information about the SAFC, please visit their website:

19814 No
Task Force on Net-Print System Reform

The purpose of the task force is to combine efforts of the Cornell University Student Assembly and Residential Student Congress to tackle issues regarding the Net-Print system at Cornell, with respect to its pricing scheme, accessibility, and environmental sustainability and to work with Cornell IT and the Administration to streamline the process of Net-Print system reform.

37095 No